Borlinghaus, Parzival; Odemer, Richard; Tausch, Frederic; Schmidt, Katharina; Grothe, Oliver

Honey bee counter evaluation – Introducing a novel protocol for measuring daily loss accuracy Artikel

In: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Bd. 197, 2022.

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Odemer, Richard; Wernecke, Anna

Validierung eines elektronischen Bienenzählers zur Bestimmung der Flugaktivität Vortrag

Posterpräsentation, 23.09.2021.

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Odemer, Richard

Approaches, challenges and recent advances in automated bee counting devices: A review Artikel

In: Annals of Aplied Biology, 2021.

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Bermig, Sven; Odemer, Richard; Gombert, Alina J.; Frommberger, Malte; Rosenquist, Ralf; Pistorius, Jens

Experimental validation of an electronic counting device to determine flight activity of honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) Artikel

In: Journal fur Kulturpflanzen, Bd. 72, S. 132-140, 2020, ISSN: 1867-0938.

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